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Dojo Rules & Policies


Dojo Rules

1.  Students to remove shoes before entering the dojo and to ensure their feet are clean.

2.  Students must bow on entering and leaving the dojo and greet the instructor(s) with a loud "Osu".

3.  Karate suit shall be white and clean.

4.  No metallic objects should be worn, eg jewellry.

5.  Toe and finger nails should be kept short and clean.

6.  Please ensure you inform your instructor if you have verrucas or althlete's foot.  Ensure they have been treated and are covered up when in the dojo.

7.  Long hair should always be tied back.

8.  Students should always have a good level of personal hygiene.

9.  No eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum or bad behaviour in the dojo.

10.  Mobile phones are not to be used in the dojo and must be switched off or to silent.

11.  Do not eat 1 hour before training.

12.  Students must always show respect to higher grades.

13.  Students should address their instructors as Senpai, Sensei or Jun Shihan.

14.  Students should respond to instructions from their instructors by saying "Osu Senpai", "Osu Sensei", "Osu Kyoshi, Osu Jun Shihan".

15.  Students should discretely adjust their gi when they are asked to relax.  If your gi has come undone, turn your back to the shinzen, go down on one knee and make the necessary adjustments, before standing up and joining class.

16.  If you arrive late to class, greet your instrutor(s) with a loud "Osu".  Face away from the shinzen, but do not have your back to it and kneel down in seiza.  Wait until your instructor(s) invite you to join.

17.  Parents and guardians are welcome to come and watch their children train, but the above rules must be observed.  Additionally, parents are expected to show respect in the dojo and restrain from talking with fellow parents/guardians to ensure classes are not disrupted.  This is so students can train successfully in a distraction free environment.



Dojo Policies

Seido Karate Somerset adheres to the NAKMAS National Governing Body's Welfare Policy & Codes Of Practice which includes:


1.  Child Protection

2.  Anti-Bullying

3.  Ethics & Conduct

4.  Equality

5.  Code Of Safety

6.  Weapons Guidelines


Seido Karate Somerset's instructors would be happy to answer any questions regarding these policies.

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