The UK Branch Chief of the UK Seido Karate Organisation:

Jun Shihan Roger


Principal Fighting Arts and Self protection instructor, Jun Shihan Roger Thyer-Jones previously headed Immigration Intelligence Liaison working against immigration related organised crime before he retired to focus on teaching martial arts full-time.  With a strong Judo foundation, over the past 40 years he has trained in a wide variety of karate styles, including the use of weapons where in younger days he won the UK Weapons Championship.  He is currently a 6th Degree Black belt and UK Branch Chief of the World Seido Karate Organisation and has trained and examined over 100s of black belts.  He regularly trains himself in New York under Kaicho (Grand Master) Nakamura 9th Degree black belt, one of the top karate instructors in the world today.  Even at the age of 60 years old, he recently competed in the World Seido Karate Organisation Free fighting event held in Nagoya Japan, fighting his way through to the quarter finals in the Mens middle-heavyweight division and placing third in the Masters Weapons event.  His enthusiasm for improving all aspects of his life is infectious.  Jun Shihan Roger is qualified in First Aid, has DBS clearance specifically for teaching young persons and takes the lead in the development of our self protection programmes.


The instructors of Seido Karate Somerset:

Senpai Rob


Senpai Rob has trained with Seido karate for the last 8 years, gaining his 1st Dan black belt in 2015.  Senpai Rob started his training originally under Sensei, now Kyoshi Stuart Wilson, at the Tylers Green dojo in Buckinghamshire, travelling a 340 mile round trip from Somerset where he lived.  Senpai Rob opened the first Somerset dojo in September 2011 when he was a 3rd Kyu.  Senpai Rob has trained under Jun Shihan Roger, and Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura (founder of Seido Karate) at Seido Honbu Headquarters in New York City, as well as training in Poland at their 10th Anniversary in May 2015.  Senpai Rob teaches at all dojos as a senior instructor, and is Head of Dojo, under the permission of UK Branch Chief, Jun Shihan Roger of Seido High Wycombe.  Senpai Rob has trained in numerous martial arts, including Wado Ryu, Shotokan and Taekwondo.  Senpai Rob is qualified in First Aid At Work and Safeguarding.



Karen teaches at all dojos as an assistant instructor.  She supported Senpai Rob in opening the Somerset dojos; training since September 2011.  Currently training towards her advance green belt, she is qualifed in First Aid At Work, Designated Safeguarding Officer and undertakes the role of the Welfare Officer for all the Somerset dojos.  Karen also undertakes the administrative tasks for the Somerset dojos, including memberships, licence renewals and club finances.  Karen oversees the Little Seidos, our peewees (aged 4-5).