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Frequently Asked Questions




Can I start karate?


Of course!  We ask that you arrive approximately 10 minutes before the start of the class and make yourself known to the instructors, and if you have any medical conditions that may affect your training.  Please view the Dojo & Classes page to see where we train.


What should I wear?


For your first few lessons, you should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.  We train in a karate uniform called a 'gi' which you will need to get if you'd like to join.  Remember!  We train in bare feet!


Will I get hurt?


We can't promise you won't, BUT you are more likely to be injured playing football than you would in a karate class.  People very rarely get more than a knock, even accident prone ones!  Excessive contact is not permitted in the dojo; however, it is a contact sport and there will be times where you may get knocked or bruised.


Do I have to know Japanese?


No you don't.  But over time, you will learn to pick up certain Japanese words or phrases.


Will you be able to show my child how to deal with bullies?


Yes, well teach them how to deal with bullies, and if need be, how to defend themselves.  We will not, however, teach your child how to beat someone up.  Children's confidences grow through their training and the more self-confidence they have, the more the bullies will leave your child alone.


Are instructors DBS checked and do they have insurance?


Yes, all instructors have DBS checks and certificates are provided by our governing body NAKMAS which can be viewed by parents.  All instructors also have insurance to teach and copies of our liability insurances can also be viewed.  Further, instructors are trained in safeguarding and child protection.  Within the team of instructors, we have a welfare officer, whose responsibility is to look after the welfare of all children and young people who train in our dojos.


How long does it take to become a black belt?


It will typically take you between 5-7 years to become a black belt but this is dependent upon each individual student and their training.


How do I obtain/renew my licence?


Ask your instructor.  To obtain your licence will require you to take up membership.  To renew, usually you will be reminded for payment of your membership or insurance.


What's with all the shouting?  And that 'oos' noise?


The shout is called a kiai.  It gets rid of all the air in your lungs and tightens the tummy muscles to that the technique is strong and focused.  It pysches up the person doing it, and it pyshes out the opponent as well.  'Oos' is actually 'Osu'.  It is a general term of acknowledgement and respect, and means many things: yes, no, thanks, I'm trying really hard, I can go harder.

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